Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Carlyle Group Has $86 Billion on the Sidelines...

...ready to pounce. $86 BILLION.

Carlyle held a conference call with its investors "to demonstrate that we understand what is happening and we are taking good care of our portfolio. We are looking for choice investment opportunities in the midst of this market tumult," according to WaPo.

The firm's co-founders, Bill Conway, Dan D'Aniello and David Rubenstein were all on the call.

The big plays are going to be in the banking sector:

While there may be fewer deals, Carlyle is trolling the bruised financial sector, looking for bargain-basement prices, according to Carlyle insiders who declined to speak for the record because they are not authorized. Carlyle made a relatively smallish deal last July in Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.

Look for more, and bigger deals by Carlyle in the financial sector.

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  1. Yeah they are looking at the financial sector, just as soon as the taxpayer get stuck with all the bad debt and the government awards the banks more special privileges then Carlyle and the rest will jump in and buy. They will then proclaim that they are financial geniuses and award each other multi-billion dollar bonuses while slipping some campaign cash into their politicians buddies hands