Sunday, November 2, 2008

Waiting Rooms: MD's versus Dentists

The difference is bureaucratic service via free market service- says Lew Rockwell.

Note: Lew Rockwell is discussing the long waits in doctors waiting rooms. I solve that problem the first time a doctor tries to pull that on me. If he keeps me waiting beyond the scheduled time, when he finally walks into the room his assistants stick me in and starts to talk about my case, I tell him something along the lines of, "Doc, that appointment was for 1:00. It's 1:30. That appointment was broken, now I am just here to collect my broken appointment fee which is $250."

The look on the Doc's face at this point is priceless, since the wait has me in a very pissed off mood, and I look it, and we, of course, now have to negotiate this problem out.

After a first visit to a new doctor,though, I never have to wait in the doctor's waiting room.

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