Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Message to the New York Times: Call Mark Cuban ASAP

Mark Cuban was a maverick long before he bought the team with that name, the Dallas Mavericks. He is a creative, orginal thinker.

Some of his original ideas, IMHO, should be tried on mars first, others should be shot off in a rocket towards the black hole. But, I think, at his blog today, he has a very fascinating doable idea that will help save newspapers: Get sports teams to pay the salaries of the sports writers.

Entrepreneurship is sometimes about trying new things. Newspapers and sports leagues should take a very close look at Cuban's proposal. It strikes me as a win-win-win. Structured properly, it is a win for newspapers that desperately need to find ways to generate new revenue streams, and it will increase coverage for the benefit of sports teams and fans. (Notice: I emphasise structured properly. Obviously, the teams should have zero editorial control.)

Cuban has clearly spent time thinking about his proposal, his entire post is worth reading

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