Friday, January 16, 2009

Tyler Cowen Not Excited About Obama's Dining Choice

I passed by Washington DC's Equinox Restaurant last night. It's roughly two blocks from the White House . In the frigid cold, just outside the restaraunt, stood about eight black SUV's, most with Secret Service agents inside, an ambulance and a van full of reporters. Turns out that President-elect Barack Obama was dining inside.

Economist Tyler Cowen who is never at a loss for an opinion, pontificates with extra intensity on dining out, and has written a book on the subject, Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide: All food is ethnic food. (Not available at Amazon.)

Not surprisingly, Cowen, who has found Austrian Business Cycle Theory wanting, is not exctited about Obama's dining choice, either. Writes Cowen:

One of the better upscale places, but not good enough to excite me.

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