Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keynes at Harvard is Now Online

Back in December, I noted an Ilana Mercer column about the book, Keynes at Harvard. She wrote:

John Maynard Keynes was a Fabian socialist strongly opposed to private enterprise. The Fabian society was formed in England in the late 1880s and spread throughout the British Empire. The Fabians aimed to replace the market with "an efficient administrative bureaucracy," as F.A. Hayek put it. Its emissaries also came to infect almost every nook and cranny of the American state and civil society.Fabians departed from communists on the use of force. Whereas the communists believed in "attaining power by violence," Fabians perfected a form of Islamic takiya – lying to spread the faith, in their case, state-socialism."Easing into absolute power by deceit" was to be achieved by infiltrating every societal institute under the guise of moderation (and by deploying impeccable manners, once terribly important among the British elites).
I bought a used copy of the book and found it fascinating. I have not commented on the book further here at EPJ because I want to read the book again, think about the book some more and check out some of the references in the book. The book makes some strong charges and certainly goes beyond anything you are apt to read anywhere else. For example, the book calls Joseph Schumpeter, a neo-Marxist. The charge is referenced with some of his writing, but obviously that reference has to be checked and thought about before one can buy into or dismiss such a charge.

The latter chapters on Keynes and the Fabians are shocking, but seem to have a ring of truth. From what I know about Fabian socialists and their methods of infiltration and manipulation the book has all that correct.

I bring all this up because EPJ reader Joel Lefevre writes to inform me that Keynes at Harvard is now online.

So I say go for it. It is fascinating reading. But, please, realize I am not endorsing the book at this point, only because I want to do some more independent research on the charges made. If the charges prove sound, it will provide fascinating insight into the Keynesian revolution and a lot of other peculiar things that happen in and around politics and government.


  1. this book has been re-printed with the permission of the author's daughter.....go to Amazon or Keynesatharvard.org

  2. this book has been re-printed in 2009 with he permission of the author's daughter....go to Amazon or Keynesatharvard.org to order.