Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Minor Correction

Lew Rockwell notes that Tom Woods' book Meltdown
will debut, tied for #15, on the New York Times best seller list, on March 1st

He also writes that, "For the first time in history, a book on the Austrian theory of the business cycle has made the New York Times bestseller list"

Actually, the great author-economist, Harry Browne, wrote an investment book, How You Can Profit From the Coming Devaluation, that was based on Austrian business cycle theory and included a full explanation of the theory. It ended up on the NYT Bestseller list in 1970(?). I remember because I was a grade school student and it introduced me to Austrian Economics. Further, I believe Lew Rockwell edited Browne's book!

Woods is in very good company.

My review of Woods' book is here.

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