Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yankee's Johnny Damon Had His Money With Stanford

New York Yankee outfielder Johnny Dammon had his Yankee paychecks sent directly to Stanford International Bank. Ouch.

Dammon thinks his money is frozen for only a week.

"My money has been frozen for four or five days," Damon told NyPo. "Hopefully it won't be much longer.

"I can't pay my bills. My paychecks go into the fund. There is one out there but I am getting another one soon [March 1]."

Ah Johnny, hate to break this to you man, but the money is gone. You are not going to see it in 5 days, 50 days or 550 days.

Stay in shape, you are going to be playing baseball for a long time.

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