Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How To Upgrade Your Sports/Concert Ticket Free of Charge

It's John Crudele day at EPJ. Here, he come up with a clever, though morally edgy, method to upgrade your seat at sports games and concerts. I'm sure the anti-IP people can figure out a justification for doing this:)

A suggestion for saving money when going to concerts or ballgames during the recession: Buy the cheapest seat in the house and, right before you go into the arena, check the StubHub Web site and see what tickets are still available.

When you get to the show or game, just plop yourself down in one of those better empty seats.It worked for me last week at Madison Square Garden during the Big East college basketball tournament - at least in the early rounds where there were rows of unfilled good seats.

You probably won't suffer the embarrassment of being moved - but if you are kicked out, just tell the people who hold the tickets that you were laid off.

They'll understand.

Alternatively, if you are in New York, save the computer work, go to your game, look out for this guy.

Go up to him and say, "Hey buddy. Get out of my seat."

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