Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nailed This One

UK Telegraph reports today (Sunday):
Barack Obama goes upbeat on economy after popularity declines.

President Barack Obama has launched an upbeat strategy over the economy in the face of approval ratings that have dipped below those of George W Bush at the same stage of his presidency.

I sniffed this out Friday:
Polls on the President's fear mongering must have been very bad. The administration has completely flipped on their message.


  1. :) Very nice, makes complete sense. Baltic Dry Index is up, too, by the way. I think the bull run is about to begin.

  2. Let's hope they go to the next stage after "flipping their message"... flip their policies.

    This is the real "Hope" from the Obamadministration. They claimed to have their "ear close to the ground" with all their web connectivity etc. If this is true, eventually they will notice the public generally doesn't support bailouts, nationalisation or the like. So there is at least a potential they will flip.