Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Geithner to IMF: Start Printing the New Global Reserve Money

In remarks made this morning before The Economic Club of Washington, Treasury Secretary Geithner told the audience that (my emphasis)

...we have proposed that the IMF make a $250 billion general allocation of SDRs that will be distributed to all member nations including the U.S. in proportion to their IMF quotas. About $100 billion of this will go to emerging and developing nations. They, in turn, can use this liquidity as necessary to meet their foreign exchange obligations.
While mention of the $250 billion SDR fund was made earlier this month in conjunction with the G-20 Summit, Geithner's comments appear to be the first time it has been stated outright that the United States will also be a recipient of SDRs. This is the most obvious sign to date that a financial coup is in the process of taking place, with a new global bank ushered in under the cloak of the tired old hag, the IMF. The financial elite clearly have plans for world financial domination and they are hiding behind the skirt of the out of shape hag so as not to attract attention.


  1. Wow. And I thought that the talk of Geitner being used as a distraction so to enable the men behind the curtains to create their private-public property looting schemes in private was a bit head-strong. Maybe not.

    What will be the move after creating the SDR-currency? Neverending global inflation to enable an elite of politicians and bankirs to keep playing their games with the global economy during workhours, and live the good life on weekends?

  2. "The IMF must be proactive in holding our feet to the fire of our good intentions."