Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Will Geithner Boost Banks Stocks, Again? Will the Ladies in Pink Show, Again?

It's a morning of questions.

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Geithner sparked a rally in financial stocks after he said the “vast majority” of banks are well-capitalised and threw cold water on the fear that the government will wipe out the value of shareholders in the entire banking sector.

And, the Ladies in Pink were there demanding green.

This morning, Geithner will speak at a breakfast meeting before the Economic Club of Washington to offer an update on the ongoing efforts the Obama Administration is taking to address the global recession, in advance of the G7 and G20 finance ministers meetings later this week.

Will Geithner's comments rally the bank stocks, again? Will the Ladies in Pink demand their green, again?

Since it is breakfast, we won't know if the banking picture has become a little less scrambled, until the scrambled eggs are first devoured. And , we won't know if the Ladies in Pink will get the opportunity to protest pig bankers, until a good quantity of the sides and bellies of pigs are first devoured in the form of bacon.

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