Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Talented Dr. Murphy

Well, maybe Bob Murphy isn't bored after all.

He just sent me an email while he was doing a radio interview about his new book. Multi-tasking while doing a radio interview, now that's talent. I may have to listen to one of the recordings of his interviews, that he has been plastering all over the internet, just to hear what a multi-tasking interview sounds like.

His email was about my earlier post, Protecting The Monetary Cranks. While he acknowledges that my interpretation of his email was justifiable, he writes to me that his true intention re the email had nothing to do with economics at all in any fashion .

Murphy reminds me of another topic we have been discussing via email, and Murphy, with the intricate mind that he does have , has put a certain part of the Sumner post in the context of the other discussion.

1 comment:

  1. stop the love fest already. lol.

    kidding aside, i follow Dr. Murphy daily.