Friday, May 8, 2009

Mankiw Thinks He Is Bailout Material

On word that a Tyler Cowen/Alex Tabarrok new economic text is on the way, best selling economic textbook author Greg Mankiw writes:

It is true that there is always entry into the textbook-writing business, which imperils incumbents like me. But I am not worried. I am one of the economics profession's leading producers of textbooks, I have an extensive network of dealers (aka professors), and I have friends in high places (Larry Summers, Christy Romer). So doesn't all this make me precisely the kind of too-big-and-too-interconnected-to-fail plutocrat that, if push comes to shove, will get a government bailout?

If you doubt me, let me point out that my initials are GM.
He should have also pointed out that he supports mad government money printing and includes plenty of delusional Keyensian theory in his texts--which will certainly insure a Chrysler/UAW like seven lives for his books.

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  1. Mankiw's cheeky smugness reminds me of the vid of Larry Summers confronted by the Code Pink protestors who asked him if he was ashamed of his being bought by Wall Street. He ignored them and made a trite joke and everyone laughed and forgot they were watching a criminal be interviewed.

    Hehehehe... it's good to be part of the elite, isn't it boys? Hahaha! Now pass me some of that wine!