Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Signs the Economy Is Turning (and that Jeff Macke Has Crashed)

You won't think so when you see the beginning of this clip, after the Dennis Kneale intro, and at end of this clip, but sandwiched between Jeff Macke's, ah, comments(?) are some further indications that the economy is on the upturn.

As for Macke, it's clear he is reading much too much Nouriel Roubini and Joe Weisenthal (and probably paying too much attention to Treasury Secretary Geithner comments).

The must see video is here.

I think Macke is saying that just weeks ago the prevailing thinking was that Bank America and the autos were poorly managed, and now CNBC treats the CEOs of these companies as though they have something insightful to say. Of course, this nuttiness is only compounded by the stuff coming out of the Treasury.

It's surprising we haven't all cracked.

But, let the record show that Macke is the first, but certainly not the last, that has crashed because of this madness.

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