Friday, May 15, 2009

On the Power Obama Has Seized

Economist Bill Anderson sounds the warning:

People do not realize just how much power Obama really has seized, and we won't feel it in the economy just yet. However, over the years, as good projects are abandoned and we taxpayers are forced to finance losers like "alternative energy," "ethanol," and "electric cars," we are going to understand what this administration has done.

Look for energy prices to skyrocket, but Obama will be able to blame the private producers and demand that the energy industries be nationalized. And there will be a huge Greek Chorus in the press and in the leftist churches to support this seizure of private property. Messiah, indeed.
And, of course, it won't be just energy, it will be healthcare, finance and on and on.

Take lots of pictures and videos of what America is like now. It's going to be a lot different down the road, and not for the better.

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