Friday, May 1, 2009

The Roubini Ratio Failure

As I have repeatedly stated econometric modeling is voodoo economics.

Nouriel Roubini is really trying to prove my point in a most embarrassing way. In a single comment for New York Magazine, he name drops Bill Clinton, reveals his latest econometric formula and proves he has no idea how to attract quality women:

So, what makes his parties so great? we asked.

"Fun people and beautiful girls," Roubini said, grinning. "I look for ten girls to one guy." His friend Bill Clinton, he added, is a fan of this ratio.
Of course, his ratio formula is as out of whack as most of his other formulas? Beautiful women? Huh. In the last six months,I have perhaps seen a dozen pics in the media of Roubini surrounded by women. I would classify all as dogs. And, since when does Bill Clinton no anything about hot woman? Remember this is a guy who married Hillary and then as president had an affair with pudge ball Monica Lewiinsky. Not an inspring track record.

Now, John McCain, on the other hand, has a formula. It may not involve any regression analysis, but it works. It is rumored he had an affair with Amy Lumet.

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