Monday, June 29, 2009

Battle of the Interventionists

Paul Krugman and Greg Mankiw are at it, again. I guess this means Bill Anderson can take a much deserved day of rest.

Krugman writes that Greg Mankiw and George Will are "either remarkably ignorant or simply disingenuous."

Mankiw responds:

On the issue of tone, I again think I understand Paul's point of view. He likely believes that civility is overrated.
All the gory details are here.

1 comment:

  1. Wenzel,

    Is Krugman turning into a libertarian right before our eyes? He's taking on all the argumentative trappings (extremist rhetoric, radical and offensive dichotomies of intent) of our greatest brothers and sisters in the glorious struggle!

    Maybe Krugman and Mankiw can keep each other busy with their cat fight and spare the rest of us their smarmy inflation-boosting encouragement for awhile.