Friday, June 19, 2009

The Best Reason to Read Tom Woods' Book

I reviewed Tom Woods' book, Meltdown, here. You can see for yourself, I gave it a strong two thumbs up. But,now, there is an even better reason to read the book. The New York Times doesn't want you to read it. Writes Tom: publisher tells me that the New York Times has refused to review Meltdown, my free-market look at the economic crisis that spent ten weeks on that paper’s bestseller list earlier this year. The paper does want you to read Paul Krugman, but does not want to acquaint you with a radical alternative to the conventional wisdom that sticks a finger in the eyes of the alleged experts in whom we are expected to place our confidence.
Got that? Woods' book has been on NYT's bestseller list, yet, they don't want to put any focus on the book at all. Is there any better reason to read a book than the establishment fears it so much that they are afraid to even give it a negative review?


  1. I don't understand the surprise, really. There have been (and currently) are on the top of the list that they just completely ignore because it doesn't fit their agenda. The NYT is a disgrace and has been for quite some time.

  2. La La La-La La - I can't SEEEEEE you!

    The Pope took the same approach to Galileo's telescope.

    The fun thing is that you can ignore the rules of nature, but the rules of nature wont' ignore you :)

  3. I bought the book after hearing about it on this site and, honestly, it doesn't impress me. It is sensationalist and reactionary and doesn't even pretend to give a balanced perspective on the crisis. What about opposing views? I don't see 'em.

    I am sure it is a good read when you are preaching to the choir and it is of marginal value if you want to learn about the drivers of the current economic environment. The problem is you have to work hard to get through the blatant onesidedness to pull out the good points.