Sunday, June 7, 2009

Federal Reserve to Hire Former Enron Lobbyist

In an attempt to stave off a growing negative view of the Fed in Congress, the Fed's Board of Governors are planning to hire lobbyist Linda L. Robertson.

Robertson is expected to start at the Fed in July and have the title of senior adviser to the Board of Governors. The Fed has become an easy target for members of Congress as a result of members witnessing the popularity of the anti-Fed stance taken by Ron Paul.

Paul is due out with a book this summer titled, End the Fed. The book is likely to be an immediate best seller.

Robertson is currently vice president for government affairs and community relations at Johns Hopkins and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, she spent eight years in senior positions at the Treasury Department, working for three Treasury secretaries: Lloyd Bentsen, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers. She also led the Clinton administration's congressional efforts to replenish the International Monetary Fund and to provide U.S. funding for Third World debt relief.

In 2003, she donated $1,000 to Nancy Pelosi For Congress.

n 2007, she donated $2,300 to Hillary Clinton For President.

Her Johns Hopkins bio does not list it, but other documents reveal she was a lobbyist for Enron.


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