Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joe Weisenthal Covers the Alleged Taleb Smear Campaign (Sort Of)

The amazing Weisenthal is at it again. He reports on a note Nassim Taleb has posted on a copy of GQ UK article that Taleb has at his site. He writes:

Nassim Taleb has posted a copy (.pdf)of that infamous GQ UK article in which he's quoted as saying he made $20 billion for his clients. On the front he includes a big, yellow warning saying that someone is taking this alleged misquote as the basis for a smear campaign against him!

Ah, great job Joe, except for one minor thing. Wouldn't it help to post who is supposedly smearing Taleb and the details behind the smear? It's busy over there at Clusterstock Joe, so we'll help you out.

The Taleb warning came about after Janet Tavakoli questioned the $20 billion in profits claim in the GQ article, here and here.

Now, Taleb is making a BIG mistake in charging that Tavakoli is trying to smear him. Tavakoli is always all about the numbers. Take a look at the books she has written. She just saw some numbers out of whack and questioned them. In a way, what's going on is that Taleb is experiencing what might be called a black swan event. A very smart, very tenacious woman has noticed him. If Taleb was smart, he would have just corrected the numbers in his note or pulled the GQ article. Now everyone is going to be checking out this alleged smear campaign. And, he now, for sure, has Tavakoli really watching every move he makes.

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