Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marxism Is Hot, Again

In Canada, the Globe and Mail's columnist, Ian Brown, writes:
[York University Marxist Professor]Leo Panitch knew that Marxism was back, brothers, when he was asked by AM640 (“Home of the Leafs”), a sports-mad radio station in Toronto, to talk about the GM deal. The Canadian people suddenly own a few levers of the means of production, and some of the comrades wanted to know what they’d gotten themselves into.

In Germany, sales of Das Kapital, Karl Marx’s masterwork, increased tenfold last year.

The London School of Economics has invited Panitch to a conference. Title? “Revisiting Marxism.”

A recent speech by Panitch on why Marxism is more relevant today than ever is the cover story of the latest edition of Foreign Policy magazine.

Paging Bob Murphy. It may be time for the Politically Incorrect Guide to Marxism


  1. Some moronic ideas never die, apparently. If we're going to revisit Marxism, let's also revisit geocentrism.

  2. Not to forget Creationism, Phlogiston theory, and Ether.

    21st century? My ass...