Thursday, June 11, 2009

NYC Jailhouse Rocks During Behind Bars Bar Mitzvah

For today's real world economics lesson, we deal with the concept, "Money talks". Demonstrating an example of this concept in action was Tuvia Stern. Stern is a wealthy financial scammer currently behind bars in the New York City jail system.

Recently he was allowed to host a lavish bar mitzvah behind bars for his son at the downtown New York City lockup known as the Tombs, reports NyPo.

City Correction Department officials permitted Stern to use his own caterer, who supplied kosher food, china, forks -- and knives -- for about 60 guests who partied and danced the hora for six hours in the jailhouse gym.

Stern's family and friends were allowed to keep their cellphones --which is normally not allowed for security reasons. And Stern was given the OK to dress in clothing appropriate for the occasion.

According to NyPo, the city threw in its own present -- overtime pay for the correction officers staffing the soiree.

The guest list at the jail included several prominent rabbis as well as Yaakov Shwekey, a popular Orthodox singer, and a band.

The Dec. 30 bash was so successful that jailbird Stern chose the same venue four months later for his daughter Breindy's engagement party for 10 family members, sources told NyPo.

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  1. The Carlyle Group and its energy joint venture paid $50 million to avoid the prospect of corruption charges. Carlyle ponied up $20 million and Riverstone $30 million to steer the investigation away from their doors.

    Who knew a corruption investigation could be bought off?