Monday, July 27, 2009

The Cause of Ted Kennedy's Life May Be the Cause of Your Death

William L. Anderson writes: free markets, producers cut costs every day, as lower costs are essential to making profits. In modern medical care, however, the reality of malpractice lawsuits and other government requirements serve to drive up costs, and I don’t recall Kennedy offering to muzzle the American Trial Lawyers Association, which owns the Democratic Party. So, now we will see the government prohibiting tests, but doctors still being sued into oblivion for not having those tests performed.

Kennedy may be calling this the "cause of my life," but in reality, his cause is our doom. We know that socialist systems deteriorate over time, and Americans are no exception. We cannot make socialism work, and Ted Kennedy, who has lived at the public trough all of his life, cannot make it work...

Anderson also gets my point about treatment going offshore:

In fact, I will make a prediction; if KennedyCare is imposed, over time, more and more people will experience delays and outright denials of care.

To deal with that problem, Americans will fly to places like India and Latin America to receive medical care for a fee, just as Canadians today are coming over the U.S. border to receive care here. There will be a public outcry, the media will condemn it, and Congress will pass a law making it a criminal offense for Americans to go elsewhere for care and pay for it.
Making treatment overseas a criminal offense is likely down the road to be sure, but I don't think it will happen right away, and there will be loopholes for offshore treatment. There will be many rich who won't be very happy if there aren't loopholes. But for the masses, it will be difficult. In other words, it's time to get real rich, real smart or both.

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  1. Very perceptive. I have noticed that Taiwan is promoting itself as a destination for "medical tourism," boasting of the high skill and low cost of cosmetic procedures for starters. Overseas Chinese already flock to Taiwan for treatment, but when health care is rationed by eugenicist bureaucrats the market for everything else outside the US will explode.