Monday, July 13, 2009

Congressman Mark Kirk: China to Buy $80 Billion Worth of Gold

Below is a must view video. Congressman Mark Kirk explains in detail China's behind the scenes thinking about the dollar. Hint: They are going to buy two Forth Knox's worth of gold.


  1. But wait a minute! isn't CHINA a communist state?how come we don't boycott china like we've been doing Cuba,I'm confused!!!oh I see now china is the good communist and Cuba is the bad communist!

  2. NEW WORLD NUMBER 1 is CHINA/russia

    .... its two fort knoxes ...
    I think - usa doe not own a onz of gold in fort knox -
    its gold from countries all over the world - IF IT IS ANY GOLD THERE ???!!!!

  3. What do you think of Canadian dollar?

    Anon: there is only one morality in international politics, and it is defined by relative fire-power.