Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Future is Google

As part of my research for my intellectual property book, I attended a panel discussion today at the Boston Library titled, Expanding Access to Books: Implications of the Google Books Settlement Agreement.

Panelists included:

Daniel Clancy, Engineering Director, Google Books
John Palfrey, Henry N. Ess III Professor of Law and Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources, Harvard Law School
Ann Wolpert, Director of Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hal Abelson, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The moderator was Maura Marx, Executive Director, Open Knowledge Commons.

One of the coolest quotes I heard in sometime came from Abelson during the discussion. Abelson said (And I paraphrase):

The future is Google. We will all get to the future at different times. We can get there now, if we use enough of Google's services.

Which kind of makes me proud that in addition to gmail, I use google analytics, google docs, google book search and most recently I have started to use google voice.


  1. I to use Google for everything, and I enjoy it maybe too much. It seems Google is taking over. I read that the founder of Google was given an invitation to the Bildeberg Group in their last meeting in Macedonia? With Obama wanting to use his power to monitor internet viewing,it seems to me Google is getting too powerful for a reason. We might better use another means of viewing.

  2. Look at it this way: diversification of online use is really a diversification of who you give bits of your privacy. If you are comfortable with giving it all to one group, good for you.

    Google has it's share of privacy concerns. I dunno, I am not willing to write that off.

  3. You didn't put blogger in your list.

    I think putting all eggs in a Google basket is a bad idea.

    CNN used to be innovative too. Google will get rotten. It is inevitable.