Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Bad Is Obama Healthcare?

Peter Schiff in a solid analysis of Obama's healthcare plan has a difficult time trying to determine what is the worst part of the plan. He writes:
If passed, it will reduce the quality and increase the cost of health care in America. But more importantly, it will severely undermine our already weak economy....

The worst part of the whole fiasco is trying to imagine the bureaucracy necessary to administer this plan. My guess is that the government provider will mis-price its policies on the low side, pushing employers to dump private sector insurance for the taxpayer-subsidized alternative. Such a system will further distort health care pricing and, ultimately, make a bad situation intolerable.
My continued forecast is in sync with Schiff. Obama has no clue and will destroy quality healthcare in America.

The socialistic healthcare system he is setting up will simply not be able to function at any type of quality level. His program will eliminate the necessary rationing process on those seeking medical care. The system will be flooded with whack job, welfare queens who will be willing to sit for hours on dirty plastic seats watching Oprah and Jerry Springer on the waiting room television. At the same time this will be going on, the incentive will be cut for doctors to work hard and think creatively. Think the post office, no one has there thought creatively, ever.

Raise demand and cut supply? This is not the way to control costs. What we are headed towards is a rationing system, where the politically connected will be first in line, and the rest of us will have to wait in the dirty plastic chairs, fighting over television channels with welfare queens as we settle in for our hours long wait to probably be put on another waiting list.

The only really option will be offshore. As I have said before, quality healthcare is going to the islands. If you are in the healthcare industry, now is the time to buy some sun tan lotion, find a Caribbean island friendly to quality, free market healthcare and you will make a fortune. We'll all be headed over in droves real soon.

For all of us. There will be choices. This:

Or this:

Nothing in between. If you don't have the money and your illness is not serious enough to head to the islands, forget about it.


  1. So the biggest problem is that health care might become cheap, right?

  2. Wenzel,

    I take it from your first picture you're a racist, because you're using the appearance of waiting with Latinos to frighten people into avoiding the Obama system.

    j/k ;)

  3. Coming from a country with social healthcare, I can only say you are way off. Healthcare here works and bankrupts noone if they come down with any sickness.

  4. R. Wenzel stated:

    "Obama has no clue and will destroy quality healthcare in America."

    I believe, sir, that you are wrong here. Obama has governed and will govern in the full knowledge of what he is doing. He speaks against Oligarchy as an Oligarch. It is not that National Socialist Healthcare is a dream of better forms but of more control and power.

    Mao said, "As for the members of the reactionary classes and individual reactionaries, so long as they do not rebel, sabotage or create trouble after their political power has been overthrown, land and work will be given to them as well in order to allow them to live and remould themselves through labor into new people."

    The premise is always that there must be the control to make retrograde people into better human beings and only an Enlightened Class, of which he is their Leader, can bring such a state about. He cares little about the death that will come from his handiwork.

    The dead will take care of themselves.


    1. This is the dumbest thing anyones ever heard. Like you said socialists are making better forms of control and power. The problem is that there is tons of Americans that don't work, that will be put on the doctors seeing a full load every single day and for what? Get people off there butts get a job and pay for healthcare you can afford. Obamacare calls patients "units" as well, that's a plan a socialsits would call human beings. As a medical student Obama is pushing me to leave this country or change my career plan.

  5. I am convinced that the main goal here is to unionize the healthcare workers (most government employees are union e.g. police, fire, teachers, auto, etc.)

    The real goal is dependency and voting blocks to consolidate his power.

    Disgusting anti-capatalist mentality.

  6. @ vonPepe

    You may have a point here. But, I think he will go way beyond the unionization---though it is the potential voting block that probably initially caught his eye.

  7. First of all, anyone who sides with Schiff is clueless. Schiff was wrong about the details and caused his clients to lose a ton of money. Second of all, Schiff has no experience or expertise in healthcare.

    Let's look at what the world's leading expert on the economic collapse and a healthcare expert says about Schiff and healthcare.. Mike Stathis, author of the landmark book :America's Financial Apocalypse"...

  8. Anon,

    Schiff didn't cause his clients to do anything. He doesn't run a fund, he runs a brokerage service. If his clients lost money it was because of their own picks. Lots of his clients did just fine with their picks, especially those who concentrated in gold and precious metals (as he advises).

    Right... forgot you have to have "expertise" on healthcare to have a say on it. Like Obama, and all the Congresspeople writing the laws who also are doctors and run insurance companies on their spare time, right?

    FALLACY. Go away.

  9. Taylor, apparently you have an account at E-Trade. Let me tell you how full service brokerae firms work. The brokers make the stock picks YOU IDIOT. Maybe if you had any real money you would know that. Maybe if you had any common sense you would know that. Why would anyone pay big commissions to make their own stock picks?

    Schiffs clients did bad. Schiff is a clown. Only fools are not able to see that. Based on the previous comment charging Wenzel for being a racist for posting a normal picture, it is obvious your head doesn't work right.

  10. Anon,

    Let me remind YOU how a full service brokerage works: the client still has to sign off on the brokers picks, YOU IDIOT.

    It's not a mutual fund, guy. You don't say "I have $50,000, pool my money with everyone else and go wild." The broker says "I've got this hot stock" and you, the client, decide whether or not you want it and if so you tell him how much to buy (dollars or shares) as well as when to sell it. No one is forced to do anything. It's an entirely different dynamic than putting money in with an actual money management firm.

    According to Schiff's firm (I'm quoting their reasoning here, not necessarily agreeing with it), you're paying the commission because trading on foreign equity exchanges isn't exactly easy to do. Or can you trade in the same range of stocks at EPC that you could at your cited E-Trade? Have you ever used an E-Trade? You know they charge a commission too, even though they don't offer much/any advice, right?

    Doesn't surprise me you don't get how that works, seeing as how you're ignorant enough to think I actually called Wenzel a racist.

    Some real self-righteous morons find their babbling worth sharing with others these days. You're one of them, bub. Next time make sure you know what the hell you're talking about before you open your big, idiot mouth. I won't respond to whatever inanity you have to share next so don't bother for my sake!