Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If A Revolution Comes, They're Going After Goldman First

Earlier this evening as I headed back to my hotel, I passed through the mall area of the Prudential Center in Boston.

At one point, there was a kiosk in front of me that contained Russian Matryoshka dolls.

I noticed a guy hitting on the sales clerk at the doll kiosk. As I passed by, in total amazement, I heard the guy say to the girl, "Even the central banker of Italy used to work for Goldman Sachs."

Whether they know it or not, Goldman has a PR problem. When you have a guy hitting on a girl by displaying his sophistication about the world, and that sophisticated knowledge is that Goldman Sachs has penetrated every nook and cranny of government financial agencies around the world, Goldman is in trouble.

Not without justification, the masses now know that there is a revolving door between governments and Goldman Sachs. Not without justification, the masses are highly suspicious of the billions in "trading" profits Goldman has been making when most other financial firms are barely surviving on life support. They know that former Goldman CEO, Hank Paulson, as Treasury Secretary, snowed everyone who came within 30 feet of his breath.

I feel we are all in the early stages of a multi-act play. It's hard to tell how it will end, but it is clear this is a tragedy, not a comedy, that we are watching--and there will eventually be audience participation.


  1. I like this story. We should all know whom to blame.

  2. And when we do, we will gut them like fish and leave them trying to put their insides back inside...

  3. Sounds like a comedy to me. But maybe I'm perverse.

  4. I can hear the proles sharpening their pitchforks

  5. I'll bring the popcorn!

    You're going to have to define "Goldman" first. Breaking some windows or taking out some low-level (even high-level)employees would do absolutely nothing positive.

    So who is "Goldman"? You can't arrest, tar and feather, or hang a corporation, can you?


  6. Corporations are the antichrist as defined in the book of revelations.

  7. Jesus Christ himself would approve of a revolt against Wall Street.