Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Favorite Mainstream Economist Weighs In On Health Care

Marty Feldstein, for an insider, is usually great at understanding what is going on, and is not afraid to state what he understands. Here he is on Obama's curious call for the "public option":

Obama has said that he would favor a British-style "single payer" system in which the government owns the hospitals and the doctors are salaried but that he recognizes that such a shift would be too disruptive to the health-care industry. The Obama plan to have a government insurance provider that can undercut the premiums charged by private insurers would undoubtedly speed the arrival of such a single-payer plan. It is hard to think of any other reason for the administration to want a government insurer when there is already a very competitive private insurance market that could be made more so by removing government restrictions on interstate competition.

They are trying to "nudge" us into a total national government healthcare plan, and Marty knows it.

Here is his entire op-ed, which appeared in WaPo.

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  1. I find it interesting how quickly "nudging" turns to "bludgeoning" with minor adjustments to spelling.