Friday, July 3, 2009

What's Really Wrong With the Left

The markets are closed, and there will also be no economic numbers for a couple of days. It's a good time to wander over to Taki's Magazine. There sits Tom Woods' reply, to a smart alec post by Wonkette that attempts a drive by shooting of Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Woods and Austrian economics (though Wonkette forgot to roll the windows down).

Woods takes the opening provided by Wonkette and uses it as an object lesson in understanding what's really wrong with the left.


  1. Wonkette tentatively supported Dr.Paul at the beginning of the last election cycle. It was only when Paul's supporters began mass-arguments within the Wonkette comment sections did they begin to oppose him and Libertarianism in general.

    This does not excuse their faulty arguments and they certainly are apologists for the Obama administration but it does reveal a possible mistake in characterizing them as fine examples of the left.

  2. I don't think anyone expects leftists to support Ron Paul on all issues, or accept libertarian positions across the board. However Woods nails them dead center for not even being good progressives. His comparison of the modern left with La Follette is particularly instructive.

    Can you imagine any of the modern lilly livered left delivering a speech similar to La Follette's on the financial oligarchy and, like La Follette, name names?

    Of course they wouldn't. They made their peace with big government and big business long ago. As long as both giants are arm in arm, they will get no real criticism from the left. And any that is offered is vague, general and non-specific. No names.

    Woods is right. They are superficial both in diagnosis and prescription. They are really corporatist conservatives in pseudo-radical garb. Poseurs.