Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Afghanistan Is About Oil Pipelines and Western Domination of the Energy-Rich Caspian Basin

Writes Eric Margolis:

American generals have intensified warnings that the military situation in Afghanistan is rapidly "deteriorating" and are calling for yet more troops in addition to the recent major manpower increase authorized by President Barack Obama. Sixty-eight thousand US combat troops, 40,000 NATO soldiers, and 75,000 mercenaries are apparently not enough...

The Western powers have marketed the Afghan War to their voters by claiming it is all about democracy, women’s rights, education and nation building. President Barack Obama claims the US is in Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaida. But Al-Qaida barely exists. Its handful of members long ago decamped to Pakistan.

This war is really about oil pipeline routes and Western domination of the energy-rich Caspian Basin.
The full Margolis column is here.


  1. Late.


  2. Clinton,Bush and President Obama are all part of this and were and still are being controlled by the big money globalist and are a party to the murder of our troops.