Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barbara Boxer Calls Health Care Protesters a Diversion

She pretty much says the protesters are a small orchestrated bunch.

How do you say clueless in Congressional speak?

There is more interest in healthcare than any other topic I have ever blogged about. I see where the visitors come from that read my healthcare posts. They are from across the country, from every state, small towns and big cities. They include many, many visitors from home internet connections as well as large corporations, universities, major law firms, and almost every government agency (You'd be surprised). This isn't a managed protest. This is about people concerned that decisions about their own health will be taken away from them.

Maybe hardcore Republicans want to "get Obama," but most Americans are simply angry at the arrogance in Washington. Messing with their healthcare may just be the last straw.

Maybe if somebody put Boxer on a waiting list for the significant amount of cosmetic surgery that it appears she has been getting, her views would be different.


  1. Crowd: Go back to Austria!
    Hitler: You know, your hero Ludwig von Mises was from Austria, so maybe you should show a little respect. By the way, do you like my moustache?

  2. The protest against the public option is an orcastrated opposition. In recent polls a majority of Americans are in favor of a public option, although this can't be seen with our corporate media. I'm glad I live in a country were the majority is not heard on such important issues. Are we really living in a democracy anymore?