Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carlyle Snags Two Posts on National Council on Energy Policy

The Carlyle Group occupies two slots on the National Council on Energy Policy, writes the PEU Report. Their two members are:

Robert E. Grady: Managing Partner, Carlyle Venture Partners, The Carlyle Group and former Executive Associate Director of the OMB

R. James Woolsey: Senior Executive Adviser, Booz Allen, Hamilton; former Director of Central Intelligence
Keep in mind that Carlyle CEO and co-founder David Rubenstein is on record predicting $200 per barrel oil. I wrote when he made the forecast:

Rubenstein sees inflation climbing to the 5% range. If the Fed starts printing again, I think it could go to double digit rates. Curiously, he thinks oil could go as high as $200 per barrel. This is much higher than his overall inflation forecast, so he must see some major supply and demand factors beyond inflation impacting the price.
I met Grady a few years back at a Michael Milken conference. He's a sharp guy, and one of Carlyle's top player's. With him and Woolsey on the Policy board and Rubenstein talking up oil, I have to think they are setting up for a major move in oil.

Buy oil on dips as the economy declines?

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