Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ivanka Trump as Economic Analyst, Guest Host, Jeweler, Executive and Author

Ivanka Trump, the 27 year old daughter of Donald, showed up as a guest host on CNBC Friday morning.

She sure has inherited her father's confidence. After listening to her, you would think she has been studying the economy for 50 years. Unfortunately, most of what she spouts appears to be from her Keynesian indoctrination while at Wharton Business School. She gives know indication of understanding how the business cycle works. It's totally textbook Keynesian analysis. (I wonder if she takes Paul Krugman columns seriously?)

She does suspect we may be headed for a double dip recession, which you have to give her some points for, but her thinking as to the cause of a double dip is the Keynesian notion that the consumer is not fueling the economy. She simply doesn't get the basic observation that it is capital and savings that fuel an economy by producing more products for us to buy.

Since she is a Trump, her life does not stop with faulty economic analysis. She also has a jewelry line. She is executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the The Trump Organization and author of the upcoming book, The Trump Card.

Here's Ivanka:

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  1. Wenzel,

    But it doesn't matter because she's beautiful. All is right in the world when I look into her eyes... or her rock crystal $500 starter earrings.