Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Man Who Knows Too Much (About Goldman Sachs)

The man that the FBI jumped to bring to justice at the behest of Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov, appears close to getting a pass on his alleged theft of Goldman secrets.

Goldman apparently has woken up to the fact that a trial would mean big time exposure for the secret high frequency trading methods they use. Aleynikov is going to use this awakening to his advantage.

At a hearing in Manhattan federal court on last week, defense attorney Sabrina Shroff said she will seek to persuade prosecutors to enter into a rare "deferred prosecution" agreement.
Such deals are a form of probation in which prosecutors agree to dismiss criminal charges, provided a defendant doesn't break the law for as much as 18 months

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  1. This is incredible. It sounds like the financial crime family bosses got together and told the lawyers and judge, this is just too big to allow the public to hear the depth of the crimes we bankstas have been committing. We can't have it so fix it!