Friday, August 28, 2009

Tale of an Interview

I was recently interviewed by a writer for a major mutual fund organization. (You would recognize the name.)

He started by asking me my view on the overall economy. I started to explain to him that Bernanke has not been printing any money and that I expected a severe break in the stock market and economy. I told him there were very specific reasons why these breaks often occur in the September-October period.

He replied, "I need the glass half full angle. This needs to be an upbeat story."

Me: "The glass is completely empty."

We struggled for awhile and the best I could do was say some nice things about gold stock mutual funds in the long term.

Then we went off record and he said, "You know I think you are right. I agree with you. Is it really true that they aren't printing money?"

I replied, "Yes."

"Do you think those in government know what might happen, a crash and all?", he asked me.

I said, some do.

In an all most exasperated voice, "Why do they go along with these manipulations, if they know it is wrong?"

I replied, "They are like you, when you asked for the glass half full story. They know, like you do, that if you don't give the boss what he wants you are going to be gone. Like for you, truth doesn't play into it, whether you have a job next week does."


  1. Bob,

    Any comments on the super-bullish growth forecasts given by the ECRI?

    Their Managing Director Lakshman Achuthan, said that a double dip recession in the 4th quarter is "out of the question" and that the recovery is moving at a "stronger pace than any the United States has seen since the early 1980s."

    What is he looking at, do you suppose?

  2. Thanks for the quick and informative response.