Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where's the Media's Reporting of the Details of the Health Care Plan?

Commenter Nynjadoc makes a number of important points at my Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill post, including the curious fact that MSM's coverage of the Healthcare bill seems to be very narrow in scope, with no discussion at all about the seeming likely cut off in medical care to the elderly, and the likelihood that private insurance could be eventually eliminated because of the Obama plan. He also notes an intriguing connection between Michelle Obama and big pharma. His points are important enough to reproduce here:

Yes all the diabolic comments are accurate. This bill should be called, instead of Universal Healthcare, Euthanasia/Healthcare.

Second, isn't it odd that it's getting almost NO media outrage. The implications of this make Katrina pale by comparison and yet we're only being allowed to hear about the financial consequences. Oh and a little bit, amounting to a he said she said about the correct interpretation of the bill's language, but not what the intent and consequence, will be to private insurance. It'll be a deathknell, but the bill doesn't have to spell that out anymore than the disastrous Medicare Part D donut had to spell out its actual consequences.

Third, I believe this bill is clearly and intentionally a transformation of our eldercare landscape. It is not only intentional but looks like a veritable Medicare wet dream of relief for their fears of boatload of boomers' aging needs. The Blues and Medicare have been worrying about supplying care for as they age. Clearly non-worker bees - the disabled, demented, or declared incompetent people who are labeled no longer of "value" will be given a choice of tremendously reduced care or hospice"comfort care." And insurance plans will be exempt from prosecution because they will be following the law and to do other than offer "comfort care" or vastly reduced procedures would put them "in conflict" with the law of the land. They'll be sympathetic, but "so sorry" they can't offer the services they used to, they don't want to violate the law.

I think this plan smells like it had input from not only Zeke Emanuel, but also from Michelle Obama, a savvy former hospital exec. who has been waltzing to survive with wealthy, seductive insurance co's long enough for Michelle to have morphed into their pawn.

I feel hugely tricked, impotent and horrified and I think I'm going to have to get used to that sensation. The Dem Congress, so eager to please healthcare lobbyists, will hardly help us. By the time we get to vote them retaliatory out of office, the deed will already be done. And giant Pharma won't lose a penny and healthcare management agencies will not only be spared, they'll be enlarged as they "comply" with becoming the middle mangers, the gatekeepers, helping to supply the "deciders" for the mandates of this bill.

No , I feel the media NON-Coverage is only a small part of the avenues for mustering timely, appropriate public outrage that have already been anticipated and "managed."

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  1. Wenzel and commentor,

    If you can euthanize a bunch of old folk, suddenly the "unfunded liabilities" portion of SS/MCare/MCaid become a lot more manageable. Your creditors will like this, too. China has a lot of experience with Singer's QALY index-type calculation of human life. They have employed it routinely in their mines and other industrial enterprises over the last 60 years. Maybe even longer (how many Chinese are buried inside the Great Wall)?

    I read an NYT Mag article on Valerie Jarrett this week that I had printed up a couple weeks ago. Valerie Jarrett is caricturized as Obama's closest "woman behind the man" type advisor. She is extremely close to Michelle, as well, and has served as a mentor to the younger couple since they first became aspiring young "Changers." The article made me wonder where I could find a good resource (other than countless hours of Google searching) to start digging up all the dirt on everyone that was part of Obama's campaign, part of his administration, etc. etc. everyone connected to him to start establishing how sticky the web is that he has woven.

    Your blog is a good start.