Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guest List for Iftaar Dinner

The Treasury Department has provided me with the following list of those who will be attending the sixth annual Iftaar dinner in celebration of Ramadan, hosted at the Treasury by Secretary Geithner:

* Mr. Ziad Asali, President, American Task Force on Palestine
* Dr. Ingrid Mattson, President, ISNA
* Mr. Abed Ayoub, President, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee
* Mr. Iqbal Noor Ali, CEO, Aga Khan Foundation
* Mr. Awais Sufi, International Youth Foundation
* Ms. Mahnaz Fancy, Steering Committee American Pakistan Foundation
* Ambassador Nicholas Platt, Board Member, American Pakistan Foundation
* Mr. Keith Ellison, Congress Member
* Ms. Farah Pandith, State Department Special Representative for Muslim Communities
* Mr. Salam Sabih Al-Marayati - Executive Director, MPAC
* Mr. Abdulrahman Almofadhi, Executive Director for Saudi Arabia, World Bank
* Mr. Merza Hasan, Executive Director for Kuwait, World Bank
* Mr. Sid Ahmed Dib, Director for Algeria, World Bank
* Mr. Masood Ahmed, Director for Middle East and Central Asia, IMF
* Mr. Abd al-Shakour Shaalan, Executive Director for Egypt, IMF
* Ms. Shamshad Akhtar, Vice President, World Bank
* Mr. Ray Mahmood, President, Mahmood Investment Corporation
* Mr. Nagy Kolta, Executive Vice President, Abu Dhabi International Bank
* HE Moeen Qureshi, Chairman, Emerging Markets Partnership, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
* Mr. Mohamed Hagmaid Ali, Imam, All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center


  1. Ellison is (was?) the only Muslim in Congress.

    This sounds like an Arab/Muslim world foreign policy get together, with special emphasis on Pakistan. As the war heats up in Afghanistan and Obama moves in for the kill on Iran, getting Pakistan on board is probably pretty important.