Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Look at ACORN's Money Sources

Jerry Remmers has done some Googling research to come up with the following numbers:

First, government grants:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development gave $8.2 million to ACORN Housing Corp. between 2003 and 2006. HUD gave another $1.6 million since 2003 to other ACORN affiliates. The Environmental Protection Agency granted $100,000 in 2004 to rid homes of lead. The Justice Department gave $138,000 for a juvenile delinquency prevention program in New York City.

No money to ACORN in the 2009 stimulus bill has been allocated.


The Service Employees International Union gave more than $4 million in 2006-2007.


Liberal groups such as the Bauman Family Foundation $350,000, George Soros’ Open Society Institute $300,000 and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation $1.8 million. Large mainstream corporations include JP Morgan Chase $2.4 million, Bank of America Charitable Foundation $1.4 million, Citigroup $1.5 million, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $1.4 million, the Ford Foundation $1.3 million and foundations affiliated with the late founder of United Parcel Service a combined $6.4 million.

Contributions from individuals are almost impossible to track but the NPR report listed an aggregate exceeding $500,000 including $200,000 from Soros.
The JP Morgan and Bank of America fundings are very likely shakedowns. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding? Could be a shakedown, or evidence that Gates has lost his mind.

Interesting funding from SEIU. As I reported earlier this year, ACORN sees a lot of potential in working with unions.


  1. Wenzel,

    ACORN has so many members and branch offices nationally... there's gotta be more dough somewhere. They're not a 'profitable' self-sustaining operation, are they?

  2. Yeah, I think there is a lot more that's why I was careful to note that Remmer just Googled for results.

  3. Yeah, I think there is a lot more that's why I was careful to note that Remmers just Googled for results.