Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ron Paul On the Timing of the Most Recent 'Disclosures' on Iran



  1. Nice!

    Too bad that it appears like common sense as well as learning from our experiences are totally overrated...

  2. I don't see how this tactic works in Obama's favor. Why would he persue a neo-con strategy? Is he really going to stretch us to a 3rd front when the Washington wisdom says we desperately need tens of thousands of troops in a deteriating Afghanistan? He would be taking a big risk of having all 3 implode on him.

    It makes far more sense for him to manufacture a crisis, slap Iran on the wrist, feeding his diplomatic bonafides. It's a dog and pony show to divert attention away from his failing domestic agenda.

  3. Look who is leading Obama around by th ring through his nose? ISRAEL, the US Media its people own, Goldman Sachs which does he Money Laundring for America's and Israel's Wealthy and as host of dual-citizen (Israeli-Americans)
    AIPAC folks in the Beltway!

    The whole Iran piece is a BOGUS DISTRACTION to keep Americans from gettign really ANGRY & hunting downthe THUGS, THIEVES, LIARS & CHEATS that've STOLEN this nation!

  4. Israel will bomb Iran, I don't know why they didn't do it just before Bush left office.

    It is going to cause major problems that hardly anyone could have foreseen. Oil shortages/ price spikes and the Strait of Hormuz won't be nearly the problem that the fallout will be.

    This is a terrible idea. Absolutely terrible.
    There will indeed be a New American Century, though I doubt it will resemble the one designed by PNAC.