Saturday, October 24, 2009

10,000 Protesters in Chicago?

National People's Action Network has put out an email reporting that 10,000 people have signed up to protest this weekend at the American Bankers Association conference in Chicago.

This is really one mixed bag of protesters. NAPN, as I have previously reported (See here), is an ACORN want-to-be. I'm sure most of the anti-bank protesters don't have a clue about this.

Keep in mind that in San Francisco in August, NAPN leader George Goehl told me he wanted to shutdown the financial system in Chicago, so I don't know what he has up his sleeve, but it could get interesting.

The NAPN email notes that on Sunday, Senator Dick Durbin will address ABA attendees and on Monday, Sheila Bair, Chairwoman of the FDIC, will speak.

Also on Monday, NAPN has an event planned in front of the Goldman Sachs headquarters where:

The American People will ask Goldman Sachs to donate its entire projected $23 billion dollar bonus pool to prevent every foreclosure in America in 2010 AND lift one million families out of the poverty and joblessness that was caused by Goldman Sachs' gambling with our economy.

Then at noon, they head to the ABA convention.

Here's their Tuesday schedule:

10:00am - Prayer vigil on Wacker, east of Michigan Avenue
10:30am - March: starting at Stetson and Wacker
11:00am - Rally at the Sheraton Hotel (301 East North Water Street, Chicago)

Bottom line the radical left is attempting to co-opt the anti-big banker movement and fold it into an anti-capitalist message. The message should be that Goldman Sachs and the elite bankers are not capitalists, but the behind the scenes controls that direct government's grab of lucre from the people. What is not needed is more regulations, i.e., control points that can be used by Goldman and their types to steal even more.

NAPN is really the left wing version of Goldman, they want to grab the lucre and divvy it up amongst their people. The Goldman-NAPN battle is about controlling government power, when the focus should be on reducing government power, so that these two groups of power hungry pigs have fewer levers from which to force our wealth into their grubby hands.


  1. Robert - I agree with your sentiment but given human nature it seems unrealistic to think that reducing government power is achievable. Given the success that some special interest groups have had in using government to loot the taxpayer, it seems the incentive is all toward bigger government. How can this incentive be changed?

  2. this is Obombaton's home town. How can they not like being fucked in the ass with diamond grit vaseline on the shaft????