Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 3 for Geithner in Istanbul

On Sunday, Secretary Geithner will attend the meeting of the IMF’s International Monetary and Financial Committee in Istanbul.

In the morning, Secretary Geithner will participate in the IMFC Dialogue at the Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center.

Later in the morning, Secretary Geithner will participate in a bilateral meeting with Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan. .

Later, Secretary Geithner will attend the afternoon session of the IMFC.

Later in the afternoon, Secretary Geithner will host a roundtable discussion on the importance of food security and join World Bank President Robert Zoellick at a meeting about a new food security trust fund being developed by the World Bank.

In the evening,Geithner will attend a working dinner for a group of Western Hemisphere finance ministers.


  1. Is Sibel Edmonds on Geithner and Babacan's agenda?

  2. Any mention of "food security" from the GS' plant-in-charge is a good reason to think about one's own food security.
    Famine futures market in the works? Or Cap-and-Trade -- now in food. It's no joke, such systems were a fact of life during war not so long ago. People had to register for a food allowance in form of "food cards". It was real money then.