Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grayson's Campaign Should Add a Point on Gold

Congressman Alan Grayson's call to Unmask the Fed is a laudible campaign. However, I believe a demand should be added calling for an accounting of all gold held by the Fed, and especially any encumbrensaes which may exist on some or all of the gold the Fed maintains in its vaults.

I am working on a report that I will post at EPJ some time next week. The gist of the report is that there is serious circumstantial evidence that the Federal Reserve has mismanaged the nation's gold supply to the point that for all practical purposes the gold in the Fed vauklts does not belong to the Fed.


  1. Amen brother- All that's at the bottom of the New York Fed is that little sandwich they leave for you if you get locked in overnight.

  2. Yeah for all the anti-Fed support. Too bad Grayson is a left-wing nut.