Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Time to Think Like the Super Wealthy

A Citibank wealth manager who handled money of the super wealthy, once told me that the super-rich think different. He said that the way an average person thinks about a hobby, the super wealthy think about personal safety and protection of wealth--all the time.

They have to. Their super wealth is a target that near everyone they come in contact with would grab off a kitchen table if it somehow could be left there.

In the years ahead, that kind of thinking about personal protection of assets and personal safety is going to be more important, not only for the super rich, but for everyone. The fears that are now only the fears of the super wealthy will become everyone's fears, as the government grows bigger and bigger. You see, the government doesn't prey on just the super wealthy, a fast growing government preys on every one. As it grows in size, it needs your bread crumbs as part of its daily fuel to survive. And rest assured, it will know about those bread crumbs. Every agency of the government thinks first about its survival, and that survival is usually dependent on making someone else's life miserable. Some tentacle of the government will eventually find you.

You need to start thinking about safety and protection from the expanding government now, and you need to be thinking about it everyday. How do you start?

Read this column by Lila Rajiva. Then read it again tomorrow, and then the next day. She gets it and has clearly been thinking about how to survive in the rough times ahead. It could be the most important piece of writing you will ever read, given that a government tentacle may not be far from your door.

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