Thursday, October 1, 2009

Michael Moore Thinks What Is Going on in America Now is Capitalism....

And then ducks the real issue, Rachel Kania writes:
In typical Michael Moore fashion, the film covers many topics without tapping into the root problems and instead pulls on your heart strings. Firstly, his use of the word capitalism is misguided. Capitalism is free markets without government intervention. Yet in his mind the corportist system that has plagued our country is the definition of capitalism.What he blames on the free-market economy, is not a free-market economy. Our current economy is comprised of a revolving door between politicians and lobbyists who have manipulated the system through government regulations for the benefit of a select few.

Among the issues complelely ignored by Moore, the Federal Reserve tops them all. While he adequately covers the bailouts and the inappropriate relationship between Goldman Sachs and the U.S. Treasury, he fails to recognize who supplies Goldman Sachs with credit. When asked directly about why he failed to mention the Federal Reserve in the film, he quickly changed topic by saying "that deserves its own movie."
Read the entire review here.


  1. Robert

    Thanks for the reference to Rachel Kania - she actually quotes from my favorite economist (von Mises is great but Rothbard can WRITE)

    It is encouraging to know there are writers like Rachel

  2. The inability (or unwillingness) to distinguish capitalism and corporatism is a chronic problem that I encounter routinely. One of my pol sci professors used to commit this error whenever he cried about the IMF, the World Bank, the Im-Ex Bank, and the WTO, and conclude that therefore capitalism was evil.

    Here he is in action. See for yourself: