Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Showdown in Chicago

Remember the Radical Left meeting in San Francisco that I infiltrated back in early August? In my comments on that meeting, I pegged George Goehl and his National People's Action Network as the next ACORN type leader with an ACORN type organization.

At that meeting:
In a private conversation, I asked Goehl what he thought of Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed. Without hesitating he said, "I think it's great". Goehl seems to be influenced by William Grieder. He told me they are planning a mass rally in Chicago in October where they hope to "shut down the financial system."
Well, October is here and the problems confronting ACORN do not appear to have slowed down NPAN.

Remember, Goehl also said to me:
...that he expects that in two years some action they do will "piss off a lot people" and that National People's Action will have the same problems that ACORN is having, i.e., identified as a very radical movement.
Well, I have been keeping and eye on him, and he is really cranking things up for a protest in Chicago, get this, when the American Bankers Association is holding its annual convention there. I have no idea of the specifics of what Goehl has in mind, but he is really firing up the troops for what he is calling, Showdown in Chicago.

Here's the public schedule he has out:

Schedule of Events

Note: all times are approximate and subject to change
If you wish to join us at the Showdown, please fill out a Showdown Inquiry Form


3:00pm – Welcoming & Kick Off to the Showdown
Americans from all walks of life come together to roll up our sleeves and start working together on how we ensure we have a financial system that benefits people.

7:00pm – Community Dinner
Break bread with people from across the country.

8:00pm - Workshops: Financial Reform that Protects People and Creates a Recovery on Main Street


The American People take our grievances and proposals for change directly to the worst actors in the financial crisis – the banks and lobbyists who caused the crisis and even now continue to block reforms the that will help American families recover.


Location: Meet at the Sheraton Hotel (301 East North Water Street, Chicago)


Over 5,000 people from across the country will march to the American Bankers Association Convention with a message of Enough is Enough – The Banks Have Had A Recovery – Now the American People Need One.

For more information regarding Tuesday's march, contact bolandc@seiu1.org
Note the contact for the march has an SEIU email address. This is not your Ron Paul "End the Fed" movement. This is a let's takeover the Fed and print more money movement.

Here's their list of "allies":


A New Way Forward
Alliance to Develop Power (ADP)
Americans for Fairness in Lending
Central Illinois Organizing Project (CIOP)
Center for Community Change (CCC)
Change in Terms
Communities United for Action (CUFA)
Community Voices Heard (CVH)
Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization (CCISCO)
Green Party of Nevada
Fuerza Laboral/Power of Workers
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
Gender Just
Metanoia Centers, Inc.
Michigan People's Action (MPA)
Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
People Organized for West Side Renewal (POWER)
PUSH Buffalo
Right to the City Alliance
Rights for All People (RAP)
Roomdad Productions
SEIU Illinois
South Austin Coalition Community Council (SACCC)
Sunflower Community Action
Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN)
Teach Our Children (TOC)
UCLA Undergraduate Students Association
Working In Neighborhoods (WIN)
Get your popcorn ready.

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