Saturday, October 31, 2009

Was the Moon Landing Faked?

Lew Rockwell has linked to a fascinating article that claims the moon landing was faked.

My knowledge of physics and astrophysics ranks with most people's understanding of economics, but to a layperson the argument in the article appears strong. Here's the full article. If anyone can debunk any part of it, please do so in the comments.

UPDATE: Well so much for debunking the theory. If you are still intrigued, be sure to read the story that an anonymous commenter links to in the first comment to this post.

UPDATE 2: Be sure to read the article via the link in the comments from EPJ reader Earth That Was, which provides a pretty good explanation for all the questions raised in the original article.


  1. Check this out, a theory that Stanley Kubrick shot the fake moon landing and revealed this truth in the movie "The Shining".

    Wild stuff.

  2. As for room 237 in the Shining representing the distance of the earth to the moon, the moon's orbit is not a perfect circle, it is an ellipse. The distance fluctuates between 363,104 kilometers and 405,696 kilometers (225,622 to 252,088 miles) due to the eccentricity of the Moon's orbit.

    However, the average distance between the Moon and the Earth is 238,857 miles.

  3. Skeptic and libertarian Michael Shermer wrote the following counter to Moon landing hoax claims...

    See here.

    Of course they went to the moon, and (like the pyramids in their day) it was a remarkable technological achievement. Still I suspect that not all the political and corporate deals that went to make it happen have been aired to the public, or ever will be. Even a successful moon landing does not mean there "were no secrets." (In fact we know from public revelations about the 'Corona' spy sattelite program that there was a large covert side to the early space program.)

    As for the moon landing itself, whether they had to go or not, and whether or not the government should be in the space exploration business at all (and why), is of course a whole other argument. Still it was a remarkable technical and human feat.

    Still as just another form of inter-empire rivalry, space-borne PR stunts are a safer form of rivalry than, say, arms races.