Saturday, November 14, 2009

Expect Nicolas Cage in a Few More Movies

The first class actor is going to need the cash. He is in major league financial trouble.

Two of his homes in New Orleans were auctioned off this week. And the IRS is harrassing him for $6 million in unpaid taxes.

The big spender has owned at least two castles and two Bahamian islands.

Cage outbid actor Leo DiCaprio at an auction in 2007, shelling out $276,000 for a dinosaur skull, according to New York magazine. As of October 2009, "most of his dozen or so homes, 50 cars, two islands, two yachts and jet have been sold, foreclosed upon or are on the market," the magazine said.

Cage has also given $1 million to the Red Cross to aid Hurricane Katrina victims,and $2 million to Amnesty International, the human-rights group.

Cage has blamed his business manager, insisting he sent him "down a path toward financial ruin."

In a lawsuit filed in California, Cage claims that over a period of seven years, business manager Samuel Levin "placed Cage in numerous highly speculative and risky real-estate investments, resulting in Cage suffering catastrophic losses," TMZ reported last month.