Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goldman Lost Money on Only One Trading Day in Q3

ZeroHedge calls it Absolute Perfection and puts this into perspective:
The Goldman 10-Q is out, providing numerous interesting datapoints for those willing to scour through them. The key one: Goldman lost money on just one trading day in Q3, making money on all the other 64. As a reminder, even in Q2 Goldman lost money on two trading now set to redefine normal distributions and other Statistics 101 concepts.
There is only one way to know what Goldman is up to in its trading activities. That's for a leak from the inside. Somebody from Goldman, or possibly one of their accountants. Goldman has captured the government from the Treasury to the SEC. And, most importantly, they, for all practical purposes, control the NYSE. Which means, the Goldman black box is secure.

Unless some one wants to drop a dime, or an email.

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  1. Sounds like Bernie Madoff's track record...

  2. By definition, thats a ponzi.

  3. All profit, all the time?

    I'm sorry, but I don't buy this. It's highly improbable for anyone to have that kind of record considering the current state of things.

    Taking into account the obvious favoritism from the Treasury and the Fed, I think it's safe to assume any policy decision made, they know about. I find this development very depressing. The system has been gamed so badly, I feel personally offended.

    Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for insider information. It's what works and it's what gives people an edge. The very concept of government regulation of markets I find stupid, but with that said, there's something inherently wrong when you have the only policing bodies available doing your bidding at the expense of everybody else (who is supposed to be protected from such machinations.)

    I realize, like Goldman's perfect quarter, that this thought is improbable. But I hope Goldman, the Treasury and the Fed get audited, investigated, and then get charged with fraud. I hope they end up in prison like they deserve to be.