Sunday, November 1, 2009

How the Obama Administration Is Fudging the Jobs Saved/Created Numbers

Were you a teenager working for $8.00 an hour in a government supported summer job that you just ditched as soon as school started?

Well congratulations, you were a big part of a magic formula for Obama's much touted jobs creation program. Forgive me kids, but this is a lot like Obama building an outhouse and claiming he has supplied the homeless with a new residence. Throwing together a bunch of $8.00 an hour summer job kids and calling it "full time equivalent" is over the top.

Reports just released by the Obama administration claim New York state has "created/saved" 40,625 jobs -- including 25,526 in New York City, according to NyPo.

BUT, the city used a formula required by the feds to count 2,882 "full-time-equivalent" as created jobs.

That number was based on 19,518 kids who took part in a SEVEN WEEK summer employment program, NyPo reports a city official as stating.

The program paid minimum wage -- less than $8 per hour -- for residents age 14 to 24 to work in local businesses, public facilities and nonprofit groups [ACORN?].

A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg told NyPo that another chunk represented already employed teachers and other city employees who faced "possible" layoffs without the federal support.

NYC Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler said the number of stable new jobs actually created was under 300.

Aside from the fact that if this money wasn't taxed away from the people, it would have been used in other sectors of the economy, I wonder where the money Obama is claiming is being spent on jobs is really going?

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