Sunday, November 8, 2009

The New Hot Term: Medical Tourism

As healthcare as we know it in America is now just a Senate vote away from being destroyed, I am noticing an uptick in the number of visitors arriving at EPJ as a result of their searching for the term "medical tourism".

Put simply, people are beginning to realize that Obamacare will limit healthcare in America. They realize that the United States overtime will slowly fade as the country of choice for quality healthcare. They realize that their lives may be cut short because of Obamacare. The rich are starting to think about alternatives.

Perhaps even the Carlye Group understands the gig is up for American healthcare.
They have taken a 40% stake in a Turkish hospital chain, Medical Park, for $100 million.

PEU Report notes that Turkey promotes medical tourism.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a growth industry, find a tropical island not too far from the United States and build a quality healthcare facility. Make the healthcare second to none, provide outstanding health rooms (think bungalows) and provide service, service, service. Oh , accept only cash and gold coins, no insurance. You will make a fortune becasue the rich aren't oing to put up with Obamacare. To paraphrase Leona Helmsley, only the poor, middle and upper middle classes will have to use Obamacare

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  1. Wenzel,

    Why buy an island when you can buy a used cruiseliner at below-market rates, turn it into a floating luxury hospital and ferry people on and offshore from just inside international waters off America's coast?